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Cupcakes for a Cause


Cupcakes for a Cause

Make the world a better place one cupcake at a time! Make a donation to our current campaign and a Bake Back Better volunteer will deliver four delicious homemade cupcakes straight to your door. No delivery fee! We create different flavors each time so you’ll never be bored. We currently deliver to the San Francisco Bay Area, Atlanta, GA, Dallas, TX and Austin, TX. Non-locals can gift cupcakes or donate them to our deserving first responder groups.

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         Current Campaign: Texas

Battleground Texas is a people-based, metrics-driven organization that is dedicated to the idea that volunteers, in their neighborhoods, can and do significantly impact local, state and national elections. They’re turning Texas into a battleground state by treating it like one. Every day, they’re expanding the electorate by registering more voters – and, as importantly, mobilizing those Texans who are already registered but who have not been engaged in the democratic process. And we’re using the data-driven, people-focused approach that has helped win grassroots campaigns around the country.

Make a donation to Battleground Texas by February 9, and a Bake Back Better Texas volunteer will deliver four luscious red velvet Valentine's cupcakes to your door. Delivery window: February 11-13. Delivery areas: Dallas and Austin.

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About Us

Bake Back Better was founded in 2020 during the Biden-Harris presidential campaign. Biden-Harris represents the belief that all of us can work together to build back better a stronger community and make the world a better place. We became one of the top grassroots fundraising organizations for the Biden-Harris campaign and the subsequent turn Georgia blue political campaigns. Since those successful programs we have branched out to fundraise for progressive causes including VoteRiders, the World Central Kitchen, Fair Fight, Stop AAPI Hate, HealthRIGHT 360 and Everytown for Gun Control.

Current fundraising tally is $100,000+. We have added hubs in Georgia and Texas. In a year we have personally delivered 15,000 cupcakes, spreading joy and sweets throughout the land.

Bake Back Better is 100% crowd funded and volunteer run. All donations go straight to the sponsored organizations. It’s a sweet labor of love.

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You will have the best time of your life making the world a sweeter place. We can always use the support of volunteer shoppers, bakers, delivery people, packers and marketers. Let us know your interest on the contact form.

If you live outside of the Bay Area we would love to help you get a local Bake Back Better chapter started. It’s easy, fun, and we promise --- very part-time :-).  Just let us know of your interest on the contact form or email and we'll get in touch with more information.

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