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Cupcakes for a Cause


Cupcakes for a Cause

Make the world a better place one cupcake at a time! Make a donation to our current campaign and a Bake Back Better volunteer will deliver four delicious homemade cupcakes straight to your door. No delivery fee! We create different flavors each time so you’ll never be bored. We currently deliver to the San Francisco Bay Area, Atlanta, GA, Dallas, TX and Austin, TX. Non-locals can gift cupcakes or donate them to our deserving first responder groups.

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         Current Campaign: Iowa

Deidre DeJear for Governor

Iowans deserve real leaership, real growth, and real progress. She has dedicated her life to serving her community and that is what she will do as Governor starting on Day One. Her platform includes economic development, voting rights, a fully funded education system starting at Pre-K, accessible affordable healthcare, environmental justice and rural development. Deirdre is our sweetest choice and Iowa is worth it. Donate to her campaign and a Bake Back Better volunteer will deliver 4 chocolate cupcakes with chocolate fudge frosting! Democracy is sweet.

Deadline for Cupcakes: July 24                       Delivery Window: July 26-28               Delivery Area:  Clive 

                                                                                                                       Pickup Locations: Grimes & Johnston

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         Just Completed Campaign:                         California

UPDATE:  This campaign just closed with $7200 raised and the Democratic Club in their new office! Stay tuned for August campaign.

We’re baking lemon blueberry cupcakes for the Democratic Club of Greater Tracy. Tracy is integral to the re-election of Rep. Josh Harder, running an extremely competitive race because of re-districting. Your donation will also help the club regain office space, key to building a progressive community. 


Here’s the great part! The Democratic Club of Tracy gets a donation, and you get luscious lemon blueberry cupcakes. Once again we are taking advantage of California's beautiful backyard lemon trees and farmers market blueberries to bring you the freshest, sweetest cupcakes...just in time for your July 4 celebration. 

Your donation goes directly to the Democratic Club of Greater Tracy. Cupcake costs are underwritten by Bake Back Better! 

Deadline for cupcakes: June 23            Delivery Window:  June 29 - July 2               Delivery Area:  San Francisco Bay Area

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About Us

Bake Back Better was founded in 2020. We believe that all of us can work together to build back better a stronger community and bake the world a better place. We became one of the top grassroots fundraising organizations for the Biden-Harris campaign and the subsequent turn Georgia blue political campaigns. We continue our work supporting orgranizations that register voters and protect voting rights for all.

Current fundraising tally is $150,000+. We have added hubs in Dallas, Austin, Houston, Iowa and Seattle. In a year we have personally delivered 15,000 cupcakes, spreading joy and sweets throughout the land.

Bake Back Better is 100% crowd funded and volunteer run. All donations go straight to the sponsored organizations. It’s a sweet labor of love.

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You will have the best time of your life making the world a sweeter place. We can always use the support of volunteer shoppers, bakers, delivery people, packers and marketers. Let us know your interest on the contact form.

If you live outside of the Bay Area we would love to help you get a local Bake Back Better chapter started. It’s easy, fun, and we promise --- very part-time :-).  Just let us know of your interest on the contact form or email and we'll get in touch with more information.

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