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Cupcakes for a cause

For every donation, we will deliver 4 homemade cupcakes straight to your door within our delivery areas. You can also gift or donate them to our first responders of the month. It's a very sweet system whether you choose to receive cupcakes or just donate.

Matt Blake for Iowa Senate

Iowa needs leaders at the Statehouse who do what is right, instead of catering to the extremes. Matt's expeirence in the military and on Urbandale City Council demonstrates a history of common sense leadership focusing on policies that bring us together.

Donate $25+ to Matt's campaign, and our bakers will gift you four lemon poppyseed cupcakes. And for $100+ we'll add a dozen gooey homemade pecan rolls, prepared by one of Matt's neighbors, a trained pastry chef. Democracy is sweet.

Deadline for cupcakes

April 26

Delivery window

April 28

Delivery area

Johnston: Pickup Only

Grimes: Pickup Only

Matt Blake_edited.jpg


Support the important work of VoteRiders. Voter ID laws silence millions of Americans. VoteRiders provides voter ID assistance so every American can cast a ballot that counts.


Our fundraising drive funds their work in Ohio. Ohio recently passed one of the most restrictive voter ID laws in the country. VoteRides quickly mobilized, creating an Ohio field office immediately and helping low-income people pay for ID documentation. All this work costs money -- so we are funding deliciously.

A $35+ suggested minimum donation gets four delicious "Buckeye" chocolate cupcakes with a peanut butter center and peanut butter frosting. And for $100+ we'll add four buckeye candies.

Deadline for cupcakes

May 1

Delivery window

May 5-8

Delivery area

SF Bay Area, Western MI and North of Detroit (see donation link for specifics)

VR24 cupcakes close.jpg
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