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Cupcakes for a cause

For every donation, we will deliver 4 homemade cupcakes straight to your door within our delivery areas. You can also gift or donate them to our first responders of the month. It's a very sweet system whether you choose to receive cupcakes or just donate.

California campaign
San Joaquin County Democrats

Let's expland blue reach in the Cental Valley with sweet cherry almond cupcakes. From Tracy to Lodi - we are fundraising for four Democratic clubs. The clubs are supporting Josh Harder (CD-9) and Adam Gray (CD-13). Josh is in another tough race to hold his seat and continue to do great things in Congress. Adam is running to increase our House numbers.

Your donation keeps the door knocks knocking, the phone calls phoning and the signs "signing". Better yet -- your donation comes with four delectable cherry almond cupcakes, delivered straight to your door by a Bake Back Better volunteer. Enjoy!

Deadline for cupcakes

July 17

Delivery window

July 21-24

Delivery area

SF Bay Area, San Joaquin Valley (see donation link for specifics)

cherry cupcakes 4 and cherries.JPG

Iowa campaign
Lynne Campbell for Iowa House

Lynne Campbell is an advocate for all Iowans. As a teacher and conservationist she strongly supports public education and clean energy.She believes Iowans deserve the right to make their own healthcare decisions without government interference.

Donate to Lynne's campaign and a Bake Back Better volunteer will deliver four delicious chocolate cupcakes with saleted caramel buttercream, topped with sweet edible butterflies, one of Lynne's favorites. Don't let these beauties fly away!

Deadline for cupcakes

July 26

Delivery window

July 28

Delivery area

Iowa House District 46 (also available for pick-up in Grimes, Granger, and Urbandale)

Lynne cupcakes.HEIC
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