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Frequently asked questions

I made a donation, how do I receive my cupcakes?

You will receive an order form within 3-5 business days of donation. A completed order form is required to receive cupcakes, so please respond as soon as you can. 

How do I become a Bake Back Better volunteer?

Volunteering for Bake Back Better offers a fun, easy, way to help blue causes and connect with like-minded folks in your community. We always need bakers, drivers and promoters. Our non-traditional roles offer an opportunity for a volunteer change of pace. The time commitment is not huge and is a lot of fun. Plus you get a free t-shirt and cupcakes! Please complete this short volunteer interest form and we'll get in touch.

How do I get added to the mailing list?

Bake Back Better sends out one or two emails per campaign, so you will hear from us about once a month. We do not rent out our list or spam you with daily fundraising emails. Please fill out the contact form on the page footer to never miss a cupcake!

How do I become a Bake Back Better beneficiary?

Bake Back Better primarily supports voter registration and get-out-the-vote efforts in purple geographies. If you would like to become a Bake Back Better beneficiary please send a short email to Include your organization's mission, how you would partner with us on marketing and how you would put an additional $5000-$8000 to good use. We would love to hear from you!

How do I get a Bake Back Better hub in my local area?

Please send an email to with your location and a bit about you. We would love help you start a hub.

I would like to provide baking supplies or help Bake Back Better underwrite its costs.

Great! Please send an email to and we will provide a paypal/apple pay/venmo method. We always need powdered sugar and cupcake containers as well. Get in touch and we will provide a ship to address.

Still have questions?

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